Dr. Tricia Hanley:

I am in awe of the human spirit and our ability to use relationships to grow and develop.  All of my work involves developing a trusting and collaborative alliance to help my clients reach their goals.   I'm practical and down to earth and will draw on my expertise and life experience to help you to better navigate whatever challenges you face.  

Throughout my 30 years as a NH Licensed Psychologist,  I have developed several specialized skill sets and interests.  These include: therapy with people who are in the midst of transition and life changes including peri-menopause and menopause, grief, relationship distress, anxiety and trauma.    I am especially interested in working with adults grappling with life changes, aging, and/or health issues and those managing multiple identities, stressors, and work/life/relationship demands.  I have had training in EMDR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Self-Compassion and Radical Acceptance and Solution Focused interventions.  In addition, I have expertise in training and supervision of new, early career, and seasoned clinicians and provide clinical consultation to licensed professionals.

 I would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you.